Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Man of Many Words

Today was a big milestone for the Little Man. He started putting two words together into a mini sentence. Some things he says are really clear but other words not so much. But being with him day in day out I know what he is saying.

When the older two were messing with my exercise ball I was reminding them they are not to have it. Little Man said, "Mama ball".

After supper he brought Brother a book and said, "Bro. read".

Tonight as I was rocking him to get him calmed down for bed he was being rather squirmy so I reminded him that I was going to put him in his bed if he didn't calm down. He replied, "No rock". I am not sure if that was supposed to be "no (more) rocking" or "no, I want to rock".

It is so exciting to see how they pick up on things (most of the time).

Yesterday I was playing the little "where is your (body part)" game with him. I had thrown a couple of new ones in. One of the new ones was "knees". After going through several he puts his hands on his body and said, "ME"!

I can't imagine life without this little person or any of my kiddos! I am SO blessed and SO thankful!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hurry up...Slow down

Do you ever find yourself "wishing you life away"? I am assuming a lot of you do this. Why do we though? What is so distasteful about our life today?

I am excited about two things in particular today. First, the garden seed has arrived and I can't wait for spring to get here! Of course with spring comes longer days, warmer weather and lots of outside time for everyone! Who can argue with that?!

The other thing I am excited about is all the new school books and supplies that came in the mail this week for next school year. I know, it is a little early but part of that stems from my uncontainable passion for "a clean start". New school books and supplies are my "new box of crayons". But it is also the best time for me to start planning the next school year. You see once spring is here there is the garden, crops, flowers to be planted, little piggies to take care of (no, I not talking about my children;) library programs, swimming....well, you get the picture.:)

But, even though I can't wait for garden time and a new school year, once both of these are in full swing they will start to become the norm and it will get old and tiresome. I will be wishing for the next "big thing" once again.

So, although these things in and of themselves are not bad; just like anything, if I am not content with my life today it doesn't please the Lord. I guess I had better tuck the school books away for today and go get Little Man who is crying.

"But godliness with contentment is great gain."   2 Timothy 6:6

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Beginnings

Well, here we go. I am finally going to try blogging. This is one of my new year "goals". I don't like the word "resolution". It sounds so definite and I personally don't like feeling like a failure if I don't keep my "resolution". I like "goals" much better.

Speaking of failing....I have been very frustrated since the new year has started. Does anyone else struggle with getting back into a "normal" routine again or is it just me? Well, my kids have struggled as well. We have butted heads with school, household responsibilities, respect and kindness towards each other, etc. I have tried very hard to teach and direct them onto the right path but that is hard to do when they act more like mules than sheep. I find myself falling into a bad habit of yelling and getting angry and complaining. Hmmm....sounds familiar.

When I step back and evaluate the situation and actually take time to listen to God, I wonder how many times he feels this way with me? Ouch! I am called to love, teach and train my children the way the Lord does with me. Why is it so hard to extend grace to others when I am just as strong-willed and bull-headed? Thankfully we have a very loving and forgiving God!

After a week and a half of civil war with my children, the Lord finally stopped getting the busy signal from me (that is a whole other lesson). He brought me to a book I have been devouring called Grace Based Parenting: Set Your Family Free. It is helping me parent more like OUR Father (gotta love that!). What hit me yesterday morning was the fact that sometimes I have to ask my children to forgive ME. Double OUCH! 

I don't always act on my convictions but chose to do it God's way this morning and write both my children a note asking their forgiveness for my part in our no good, horrible, very bad week. In case you are wondering, no, there was no poof of purple smoke and all the sudden I have perfect angels or rather, sheep. In fact, something better happened. Both of my children (at different times) came up to me to confess and ask forgiveness with promises to try harder at pleasing God. WOW! What more could I ask for?!

Although our day was still far from "perfect" by most people's standards, it was "perfect" to me in that ALL of our hearts have come closer to becoming more like the docile sheep the Shepard leads instead of obstinate mules.

 Colossians 3:13
Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.