Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Man of Many Words

Today was a big milestone for the Little Man. He started putting two words together into a mini sentence. Some things he says are really clear but other words not so much. But being with him day in day out I know what he is saying.

When the older two were messing with my exercise ball I was reminding them they are not to have it. Little Man said, "Mama ball".

After supper he brought Brother a book and said, "Bro. read".

Tonight as I was rocking him to get him calmed down for bed he was being rather squirmy so I reminded him that I was going to put him in his bed if he didn't calm down. He replied, "No rock". I am not sure if that was supposed to be "no (more) rocking" or "no, I want to rock".

It is so exciting to see how they pick up on things (most of the time).

Yesterday I was playing the little "where is your (body part)" game with him. I had thrown a couple of new ones in. One of the new ones was "knees". After going through several he puts his hands on his body and said, "ME"!

I can't imagine life without this little person or any of my kiddos! I am SO blessed and SO thankful!!

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