Monday, August 8, 2011

Back on the Farm

This past year we worked really hard at getting school done by the end of April. As the weather gets nicer and everyone gets spring fever, we are done with school and heading back to the farm. Since Mike's mom passed away and we acquired the farm we have been spending part of spring, summer and part of fall at the farm.

We may be officially "done" with school, but the learning continues as we move class out into God's classroom--the great outdoors. We have a lot of fun but we also work hard. Some of the things we have done this summer has been going fishing in our ponds, playing at the creek that runs along our property, swimming, playing in the sand pile, lots of outdoor play, and going to the fairs to show the 4 pigs the kids are raising. Some of our activities are considered more work than play but prove to be chocked full of lessons on responsibility and work ethic. We (as a family), as I mentioned above, raised pigs, planted crops, planted a HUGE garden, have a HUGE yard to mow and have had general maintenance and upkeep on the farm.

There are times we are exhausted. There are times we want to give up. There are times, I must admit, that I wished that we had a REAL "vacation home". But then the Lord puts it all in perspective.

A couple of weeks ago Mike had a meeting in Kansas City so I went along so that I could pick up Parker's birthday gift while he was in his meeting. After sitting at a dead stop on I-70 for about 30 minutes, coming across an accident which funneled traffic to a one lane road on the interstate and drove through rush hour, well, that is enough to drive anyone out of the city. But as I watched people bustling around like ants crawling all over each other, living on top of one another; I realized how blessed we are to have the privilege and legacy of Mike's ancestors. Having this land to run, play, learn and breath the fresh air (or not so fresh if you are close to the pig pen). :)

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