Monday, August 8, 2011

No amount of reading, teaching, worksheets or even craft projects can be as valuable as hands on (or in this case, eyes on) experiences. Since it is summertime, thus garden time at our house, we have shifted our science towards botany. Last week in particular we studied about pollination. We read lots of interesting ways pollination happens and vital it is to not only the production but the survival of a plant.

There are so many neat, fun and memorable projects you can do with pollination but the Lord helped me out with this one. My kids, on their own initiative, went outside for free time. I was close behind them with the little man but I went out to find them in the garden. They hollered, "Hey, Mom! We are watching the bees pollinate! We can even see the pollen on their bodies!" They were so excited and needless to say, so was I. Not only that they were learning, but that they were excited enough to spend their free time doing this project without being asked. But, most of all, I am so thankful that the Lord has given us so much to learn from. It truly is by intelligent design!

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