Thursday, August 11, 2011

Struggling Writers

As most people know, every kids is different. My first and second are two opposites. Number one is very intelligent but absolutely HATES to write. We have fought and argued and fought some more over this but so far, I have yet to get him to do it right and joyfully. I think I may have found the solution though.

I have a fellow homeschool friend, who lives in another state, has a boy about the age of mine. I heard he was collecting state quarters but just lacked one. My son, who was also collecting quarters, had an extra one of that state. Upon mentioning this to my son he wanted to send his extra quarter to this boy. What a brilliant idea!;)

I actually got my son (who HATES to write) to make a prewriting web about himself, a rough draft and a final copy that WAS LEGIBLE (did I say that my son HATES to write?)!

By finding something of interest to him (I know, this was a no brainer) he was willing and maybe even eager to write. Now we are anxiously awaiting the first letter from my son's new pen pal!

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