Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Erosion and History

One of the funnest things to do on our farm for our kids is to play in the creek that runs along the back of our property. It is like their own private beach because of the nice sand bank. There is also usually water that they can play in that is not very deep.
Here is the little man playing on the "beach".
As you can see from this picture, we have some erosion problems here. We have tried many valiant efforts to prevent this but it seems to just keep cutting away. We pray that by the time it gets back to the forrest of trees we planted, they will be big enough and have established a strong enough root system to eventually help.

Anyway, there have been so many lessons down here about erosion but also about current, animal habitat and behavior. We have found dead animals, skulls with the brain still in tact from a deer. I know....YUCK! Anderson thought it was very cool though. We have also watched a snake eat a fish whole. They often float boats and  build dams with sticks, branches, and rocks.

One of our recent discoreries was in the dirt...

Layers of dirt, rocks, clay and other sediments. Not something you see everyday. So many times we study things that it is hard to get a real life sample of. This was definitely one of them. It contains so much more than science though. There is also history here. Proof of our roots all the way to the beginning of time. Stay with me here...

Creationists, like myself, believe that God created everything. Furthermore, I believe everything in the Bible to be truth. This includes the Great Flood. We just started a new history curriculum, The Mystery of History, which I am very excited about. It is taking us from the beginning of time and we will finish this year to the time of Christ. It is unique in that it will fully incorporate the Bible with history as man knows it. Most people think of the Bible as seperate making it hard to understand how it fits in the grand plan of history.

We just got done talking about the Ice Age. I could go on and on about how much I learned but this is one of those topics that has always puzzled me. I have never really been encouraged to study it much and haven't had much interest until now. Better late than never right??:) It does explain a lot of things though.

If you read Genesis 7 you will find the cause of the Ice Age. As we studied the map of where the ice was found, we realized that our land where we live would have been covered in ice about 4,000 years ago. Which would explain some of our findings. In Linda Lacour Hobar's book, she says, "...if an Ice Age did occur after Noah's flood, then the world would be full of fossils--which are the remains of animals quickly buried and usually replaced with minerals found in water. Are there fossils like this all over the world? Yes, and 95 percent of them are marine animals, as would be expected from the flood."
Here is that proof! Straight from the Ice Age!

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