Monday, August 8, 2011


In life we are surrounded with lessons containing spiritual applications everyday. A few days ago I had one that was too good not to share.

We finally got a MUCH NEEDED rain last week. Since the ground had otherwise been too hard and dry to pull any root veggies, I took the opportunity to do just that. I was pulling the best onions I have ever grown when I came accross one that was completely surrounded by weeds. Upon pulling it I found the runt of the bunch. I kept pulling and the Lord was showing me how sin is the same way in our lives. When we let it surround us and do nothing to root it out while it is still small, it will inevitably affect our spiritual growth.

That small onion had the same potential as the rest of the nice sized onions. It had the same soil, the same amount of water and nutrients. But all because of the weeds that robbed it's life flow it never stood a chance.

As I kept going, I found the largest onion of all. Guess what, it was standing all by itself. No weeds, no other onions close by.

It's okay to stand alone if it means that we will mature more and please the Master Gardener.

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